Nautique Sports uses the latest and greatest watersports equipment.
Learning and perfecting your watersports skills is a great challenge, push your limits using the best equipment!
Whatever your challenge, give yourself the best chance by using the best gear. We use top end equipment and ropes:
Ronix, Connelly, Radar, Proline, Straightline, Eagle Vortex

Wakeboarding boards
Ronix One Wakeboard

Ronix William Wakeboard
Quarter Till Midnight Wakeboard
Ronix Bill Wakeboard

Ronix Wakeboards used on Provo 
Proline wakeboard ropes in turks
Waterski skis
Radar Strata Waterskis
Jobe Hammer Waterskis
Connelly combo Waterskis
Jobe Waterskiing skis Leeward
Radar Waterskis used in TCI
Connelly waterskis for pro waterskiing in turks and caicos
Wakesurfing boards
Ronix Cortez Wakesurf Board
Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurf Board
Ronix Wakesurf boards for a good surf experience 
Barefoot wetsuits
Eagle Votex Suits
World Barefoot Centre Suits
Vortex Wetsuits to protect you when barefoot waterskiing
Towable tubes
Fun 2
Fun 4
Connelly towables used in GraceBay turks and caicos
Ronix Wakeboards in provo
We use Ronix Wakeboards and Wakesurf boards

If you ride with Nautique Sports in Providenciales you will have the chance to use some of our Ronix Wakeboards or wakesurfing boards to hone your skills:
  • Ronix one wakeboard
  • Ronix William wakeboard
  • Quarter till midnight wakeboard
  • Ronix Bill wakeboard
  • Ronix Cortez wakesurf board
  • Ronix One Skimmer wakesurf board
The Ronix Wakeboard company got started in 2006, co-founded by Herb O’Brien who brought revolutionary new design ideas to the wakeboard industry. The Ronix One Wakeboard was one of the first boards to be created, this ground breaking design was very well received and proved that the R&D department knew what they were doing. 

Ronix is supported by many of the best riders in the industry: 
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Danny Harf
  • Adam Errington
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Emily Copeland
  • Durham Reed Hansen 
Their riders input into the design process to continually improve the riding experience. Come down to Turks and Caicos and try it for yourself!

Check out some of our boards below:

Ronix One Wakeboard
Best wakeboards in Turks and Caicos
A free-style board. Has a nice mellow turn and can hold an edge well. Depending on where you shift your weight on the board, whether you’re more tail-heavy or more front-foot heavy, it really changes the board reacts in the water.

Ronix Cortez wakesurf board
Ronix Cortez for superb wakesurfing experience
The Ronix Cortex Wakesurf Board is perfect for riders looking at a performance deck on mid-to-large size barrels. The fish shape delivers on the rail maneuverability with a speedy rocker line to keep a surfer tight in the line of the wake.

Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurf Board
Ronix One wakesurf board used at Nautiquesports
The Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurf Board has a thin profile, and is a skate influenced, skimboard style shred stick. The One Skimmer is light with a shed out surf constructed deck that has a livelier feel on the water, making it easier to link your favourite skate tricks behind the swim deck. This super star shred stick is easy for shove-its and also has a recessed fin box on the tip and tail for those switch maneuvers.

Radar Slalom Waterskis
We use Radar Waterskis

If you fancy a spot of waterskiing in Gracebay, then do it in style with Nautique Sports. We ensure we have the best branded equipment, why not try a radar waterski: 
  • Radar Strata
Again founded by Herb O'Brien, Radar is a leading waterski company. Radar has an elite team of designers:
  • Chris Rossi
  • Matt Rini
  • Chris Sullivan
  • Eddie Roberts
 ...they believe "Anyone can ride a Radar". 

Every ski Radar builds is designed for efficiency and ease of use. 

Radar Strata Waterskis
Radar Strata Waterskis used in providenciales - TCI
This Strada is made to be more dynamic off the second wake and sturdier at the finish of the turn from the new 45 degree torsional carbon layup. It sits at the top of the World Pro rankings as the men’s and Women’s top ski.  Regardless of ability level, riders all love this ski.

Jobe Waterski in Turtle Cove

We use the Jobe Hammer Waterski

Jobe was founded in 1989 and sells a range of watersports equipment. 

Jobe Hammer Waterski
A great waterski to use in Leeward or Gracebay

This ski will bring back the fun to your ride, it makes getting out of the water easy due to its larger surface area, blended v-bottom concave, and comfortable "sweet spot". The increased surface area makes for effortless wake crossings and allows you to ski at various boat speed while greatly increasing the skis stability. Whether you are out doing some serious carving or just having some fun, the Hammer is sure to deliver a smooth, fun ride in all water conditions.

Connelly Waterskis used at Nautique Sports in providenciales

We use Connelly Combo Waterskis:

Connelly Combo skis in turks and caicos
The extra surface area of the connelly combo ski makes it easier to learn. These are designed to help the new skier learn proper technique so you can start having fun on the water as soon as possible. It uses a wide shape to get you out of the water faster and a removable stabilizer bar to keep the skis straight so you have less to think about during deep water starts.